Chittagong Trade School


Chittagong Trade School is a Bangla medium school started in July 2001 in the Sagorika. area. It is now located at No. 22 in Panchlaish. The school teaches its students motorcycle mechanics, trains them to do repairs, and gives them confidence in using tools. Young men aged 15 to 20 who have passed class 7 or 8 are the target group. The course is six months long. Classes are held five days a week, four hours per day. The entrance fee is 600 taka, and the monthly fee is 60 taka.

Why The School Is Needed

Motorcycles and are becoming increasingly difficult to repair as more and more electronic equipment is added to newer models. Roadside workshops do not have the tools or the understanding of how to fix these newer models of motorcycles and baby taxis, and so mechanics must be trained to work on them. At Chittagong Trade School we show the students how the new models work and how to repair the electronic equipment.

The School’s Objective

Our goal is to give young men the opportunity for a better life. We are targeting young men who can read and write but are not Matric passed. These young men have ability to be skilled workers. The students are taught both theory and practical work. Graduates are given a certificate and a set of tools. A graduate is trained to do basic repair work and has the necessary entry level skills to enable him to begin working in a repair shop.

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